Comfortable Computing Initiative
Comfortable Computing Initiative

Comfortable Computing Initiative

Health and Wellness for the Modern Office

What’s the bottom line? Computing should never hurt…

But the reality is often very different for today’s computer users—people just like you. Whether working at your desk, on a manufacturing floor or even on your sofa, chances are you’re in a relationship with a computer, and that relationship is probably producing some physical challenges for your body.

Facts & Concepts

Concepts in Computer Ergonomics

By understanding some basic concepts, you’ll find ergonomics easy to apply every day.

  • The Ergonomic Equation – A three-part concept that makes ergonomics simple
  • Top Ten Tips – The list of specific things you can do for better comfort
  • Take a Stand! – Do you have Sitting Disease? Research shows benefits to standing while you work

Interactive Tools

Tools to Create a Comfortable Workspace

Design a space that fits your body. These tools can help determine the right solution.

  • Workspace Assessment – Check your current workstation to see where improvements can be made
  • Workspace Planner – Find the right position for components as you build your workstation
  • Payback Calculator – Determine the return on investment for the purchase of ergonomic equipment